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Survival in the Woods

According to Smokey Bear, these foods can keep you alive in the forest (information courtesy of US Forest Service):


Young leaves are good in salads. Older leaves are best cooked with butter, salt, and pepper.


This relative of the artichoke has a good heart, but beware of the prickles. Cook the whole flower, then peel away to the delicious heart.

Pine Needles

Pine Needles are rich in Vitamin C. Pine Needles are pleasant to chew on. You can also steep them in boiling water and drink a tea that smells like Christmas.

Rose Petals

Gathered first thing in the morning, rose petals make a tasty and beautiful topping for a salad.


Young underground shoots taste like celery and cucumber. Can be eaten raw, boiled, or baked.

Sow Thistle

Choose the lower, larger leaves, and cook in a pot with onions, butter, and rice.

To see the complete poster that includes the above information, contact your nearest US Forest Service Office, ask for the "Edible Plants" poster, number 88-CFFP-22.

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